Proven Systematic Methods for

Because You Need Income to Actualize Your Potential


Proven Systematic Methods for

Funding your nonprofit should not be a scary thing.

Professional Communication Models

Year - round Action Plans

Income Generating Strategies

Growing a Charitable Organization Should Not Be So DIFFICULT!

And It Won't Be With Proper 
Education, Guidance and Income

To grow your organization, you need the necessary knowledge, skills and tools. Without this secret to success, you will:

  • Waste time and be less productive
  • Lose money from ineffective budgeting, events and activities
  • You’ll keep feeling frustrated 
  • ​You will be ineffective and regretful
  • ​Your business will not grow
  • ​You will be full of doubt and questions
  • ​Your path to success will be  prolonged

We Provide Financial Growth Strategies for Nonprofit Impact and Sustainability

With What Next Nonprofit, you get the Tools, Guidance and Grant writing support you need to grow your nonprofit, fulfill your purpose, and provide positive impact to people, animals and the planet. 

Stop Guessing While Trying To Figure It Out!

We provide YEAR ROUND COACHING so you can get the income you need to 
operate and grow your nonprofit.

What we offer :

Professional Communication Models

Your success is based on how well you communicate with funders, grantors, donors, and various stakeholders. Instead of guesswork, we develop frameworks to simplify all your communication needs.

Year-Round Action Plans

It’s one thing to want to do something, but it’s another to actually do it. Our action plans will ensure that you know what to do every day of the week.

Income Generating Strategies

Without income, your organization will fail. We guide you through multiple revenue streams that fuel nonprofit growth and sustainability, and we will also write your grants to prove it.

We supply everything you need for an entire year to increase your revenue, grow your nonprofit, and strengthen your relationship with clients, partners and stakeholders for a low annual price that's less than the cost of writing a single grant.


Subscribing is simple as 1 - 2- 3

Schedule A Meeting

Schedule a meeting so we can discuss your goals and organizational needs. 

Get Access to Your Plan

Subscribe to get access to financial strategies, year-round action plans,  and grant writing.

Nonprofit Immersion

Immersive learning in Core Competencies: Compliance, Capital and Compassion.

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Subscribe for just $597/year to get access to
Income-generating strategies
Year-round action plans, and
Professional Communication Models
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Understand Nonprofit Sustainability

We’ve identified 3 Core Competencies that are
irrevocable to the success of your organization:
Compliance, Compassion, Capital.
We will give you the tools to develop in all 3 areas.

Nonprofit Immersion

Managing in the Nonprofit realm can be task-ful.
Especially without a seasoned guide. Get started with What Next Nonprofit Immersion Series, and gain the confidence and guidance you need to increase funding and grow your organization into Sustainability.

Your Nonprofit Immersion Subscription Includes ...

Access to education that advances as you Learn

A Professional Communication Model

Access to Action Plans that evolve with market conditions

Access to once a month live coaching and training

Grant Writing and other Fundraising Strategies

Developing Website Content

Course Workbooks and assessments

Team scoreboard to track your progress

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Included in Your Subscription… 

"Quarterly Webinars With Seasonal Strategies to 

Introducing the Pre-grant Preparedness Webinar Program

Win your next grant with ease and together

The Best time of the year for Grant Submissions is NOW!
We will explore the Most Important Elements to Receive a Grant!

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